Retirement at Strong Stables

 In memory of lovely Luna

In memory of lovely Luna


Special retirement options for your loved equine

We at Strong Stables understand that retirement does not simply mean putting a horse "out to pasture." Older horses require more care not less! From bedding to special mash or low carb diets the elderly equine needs a personalized care program. We will work with you to create the full care package for your elderly horse friend. "I simply just want to take care of them as if they were my own." Mary Strong.  People don't always get to see to the daily needs of their retired horse. We strive to create a  happy relaxed life that is well deserved.  A sample of what we can provide:



 Daily turn out  and wellness checks

 Coordination of farrier, vaccination and dental care

Personalized custom feeding 3 times a day 

Nibble nets- if required

Blanketing, fly mask and fly care

Caring end of life coordination 

$750 a month