Lessons and Sponsorship

Every now and again, a horse gets its 2nd chance as a lesson/sponsor horse in our program. This allows our program to generate income to help care for all the horses. 

Our sponsor program is unique in that it allows someone to enjoy the same horse once a week or more as if it were their own. The program offers the benefits and joys of horse ownership without the financial burden. All levels welcome, English or Western, all ages!  Many of our riders find themselves also getting their second chance at riding. All quality tack and grooming supplies provided. Come ride in our covered arena or around the property. Utilize our round pen and poles. 

Sign up for a specific horse and a specific day of the week. Month-to-month agreement. $25 a ride to be paid in advance for the month at the beginning of the month. 

At least one lesson is required to acquaint the rider with the horse and tack. While we do our best to start people sponsoring ASAP, there is no guaranteed maximum number of lessons before we allowed you to ride on your own. We must be assured of your comfort, safety, and competence with the horses, as determined by our riding instructor. Lessons are $40 for a half-hour of riding time, in addition to $25 use-of-horse fee.  If more lessons are needed, we have very affordable lesson packages being offered. Buy 3 lessons and get the 4th free, or 6 lessons and get 8 (applies only to lesson fee, not use-of-horse)! Please let us help design the best riding program for you so that you may get back in the saddle again! We are a registered non-profit and every cent goes towards the care of our amazing horses.




Are you disabled and have outgrown therapy riding? Let us help you design a riding program to help you progress and enjoy horses at a new level!  Our instructor Phoebe Harper has demonstrated a unique ability in helping this community of riders!