Welcome to Strong's 2nd Chance Ranch!


 Located at the beautiful Strong Stables in Petaluma, California, we are an equine program dedicated to caring for rescued, older and otherwise displaced horses.  We also offer boarding, training and lessons.  The love of horses has brought us together to form an organization that has the simple goal of providing horses in need with a second chance.


We are a registered 501 (c) 3 Non-profit dedicated to caring for as many horses in need as possible. Our horses are special. Often injured or older, they are no longer able to work as performance horses, but they thrive in our small amazing community of riders and horse lovers. 


Happy Horses and Happy Humans

Happy Horses and Happy Humans

Our horses receive the best care available. Our secret is to keep our program small and functional. We set realistic goals and take on projects we know we can handle. 


About us

Located at Strong Stables in Petaluma California,  Strong's 2nd Chance Ranch is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of horses. The goal is to identify a suitable life for each horse we take on. We believe that they are all individuals capable of many things, but are happier in the right circumstance.  Often horses come to us injured or simply unable to perform at the level their owners had hoped. We devise and begin an individual restorative program as soon as they come to us. With the aid of  our amazing farriers and vets, we create a systematic plan of care that enables the horse to thrive in a new career. They get their 2nd chance!  

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We cannot do it alone!  We often find sponsors for individual horses, but this only covers basic needs. Many of our second-chance horses require extensive vet care, supplements, and additional training, and they need your help!

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